West Bradley Orchards can be found in the heart of Somerset, the home of British cider, under the shadow of Glastonbury Tor. One of only three dessert apple orchards in the West Country spread over 70 acres, the farm produces and sells cider apples, dessert apples, pears and walnuts.


Apples have been grown commercially at West Bradley for over a century.  The farm and private house is owned by the Clifton-Brown family. Since 1987, when Edward Clifton-Brown bought West Bradley, he has devoted himself to improving and building the farm, turning it into the thriving and beautiful orchards you see today.

Some of West Bradley’s traditional cider orchards house beautiful 80-year-old fruit trees that are carefully tended to maximise their life span. Other orchards have been newly planted with both dessert and cider apples using the latest techniques to capitalise on the ground space and deliver the greatest possible yield. The result is an impressive range of orchards in varying stages of growth that produce premium apples in a wide selection of varieties.