Cider Apples

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West Bradley Orchards produce 10 varieties of cider apples:

Ashton Bitter - A cross of Dabinett and Stoke Redfull, this is a full bittersweet cider apple

Browns - A traditional English cider apple variety producing a sharp juice

Dabinett - A bittersweet old Somerset cider apple

Harry Masters - Small-medium sized fruits, producing a medium to full bittersweet cider

Morgan Sweet - A pure sweet apple which ferments rapidly making it the first cider of the season

Michelin - A traditional French cider apple variety producing a bittersweet juice

Somerset Redstreak - One of the main commercial varieties in the UK, it has a mild-bittersweet flavour

Tremletts Bitter - a strongly flavoured, bittersweet fruit

Yarlington Mill - a traditional Somerset cider apple producing a medium bittersweet cider

Dessert Apples

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Early varieties of dessert apples (from early to mid-September):

Katy – A beautiful bright red apple, crisp and juicy; good for cider too

Worcester Pearmain – THE traditional mid-season variety

Red Windsor – An early sweet eating apple, often described as the ‘early Cox’

Bramley – England’s finest cooking apple, Bramley’s are available from early September


Mid-season varieties of dessert apples (mid-September):

Cox – The premium English apple. Picked in mid-September, its full flavour emerges by the end of the month and lasts through until February or March

Egremont Russet – A gourmet’s apple with a unique nutty flavour, perfect with cheddar cheese from October to January

Charles Ross – A large handsome apple suitable for eating or cooking from September to November

Kidds Orange – A late and delicious apple which is popular nearer to Christmas and which stores well until March

Late varieties of dessert apples (second half of September to mid-October):

Red Falstaff – A relatively new variety, late picking, sweet and juicy, often used for cider making

Blenheim Orange – An excellent old apple with a distinctive nutty flavour

Ashmeads Kernel – The connoisseur’s choice for superb flavour

Jonagold – A new variety that stores well, it is both a delicious eater and an excellent sweet cooking apple. Often used for cider

Winter Gem - A rich aromatic flavour with pink flesh

Idared – A tart and juicy apple suited to cooking, harvested from the end of October. It remains eatable until the end of January and can last until June with proper storage







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West Bradley is home to three varieties of pear, which include:

Comice –  With a distinctly squat shape, Comice is a very popular variety due it’s sweet and juicy nature

Conference – A medium sized pear with an elongated bottle, the texture is very fine and soft and the flavour is sweet

Concord – A firm, tender pear that is juicy with a sweet vanilla-like flavour



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West Bradley’s walnut orchard is one of the four biggest in the UK, containing some fifteen walnut varieties that are in various stages of maturity.


Half of West Bradley's Orchards produce dessert apples; the other half are dedicated to cider apples. The orchards produce in excess of 400 tonnes of apples each year.

The dessert apples and pears are available for the general public to pick and purchase during the Pick Your Own weekends in September each year, when they are ripe, juicy and at their peak.

If you wish to purchase produce from West Bradley Orchards, please contact us to discuss your requirements..